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Marketing and Public Relations Promoting an Optimist Club should be one of the most enjoyable tasks undertaken. After all, promotion is telling others how much we care about our cause: optimism. When we tell others the good news about belonging to an Optimist Club and the projects that we do to serve youth and community, we share hope and that brings out the best in ourselves. Marketing and Public Relations are the tools we use to consistently promote our clubs and invite others to join us so they may experience the positive feelings and lifestyle of an optimist.

Marketing/PR Kit

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Check out the documents below for helpful hints on a variety of topics:

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  • Scroll down under the "Club Identity" list and click "Club Identities for District __”.
  • A list will pop down. Scroll down until you locate your Club -- #_____.
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  • Welcome to the Video Series on Orientation to Optimism. If you are a new member, Welcome! Existing member will find value in this series as well. It covers five areas of interest to members of Optimist International and it is brought to you by members from their perspective. This series is a general overview that should help you in your journey through the wonderful world of Optimist International.
  • Click here to view Orientation to Optimist video series.

Optimist Logos

Branding Guidelines

Gift of Branding Presentation pptx

Gift of Branding Presentation PDF

Club Letterhead Sample

Sample News Releases for Clubs and Districts

Top Ten Ways to Market Your Optimist Club

Child Photo Release

Optimist International Fact Sheet

About Optimist International

Membership Brochure

Radio Public Service Announcements

Use the Optimist International radio public service announcements (PSAs) to market your club. These professionally-produced spot announcements talk about what Optimist Clubs do for the youth of a community. Several of the PSAs are about specific service projects, like the Essay Contest, the Oratorical Contest and Junior Golf. Some of the PSAs are designed so that your local radio station can add a message about your Club.

You can listen to PSAs by following the link below and you can even download the spots in the MP3 format which allows you to e-mail them to a radio station. By visiting local stations, you’ll have an opportunity to speak directly with the person who might be able to provide you with even more publicity and marketing opportunities in the future.

To go to the Radio PSAs page, click here.


If your Club has any questions, please email the Marketing Department at or call (800) 500-8130 ext. 235.

For help with graphics (letterhead, business cards, logos, etc.), send an email to

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