Optimist service projects can instill the power of the individual by "thinking like a person of action, and acting like a person of thought." You'll never know what sort of impact you can make on a kid if you don't try. You'll hear a lot of people say, "Make a difference." The truth is that everyone makes a difference. The real question is – what kind of difference will you make? Make the most of each day – you never know what experiences will enhance the lives of others.

Your Talents
Underestimating talents and abilities is the number one reason people avoid taking leadership roles. Think about your daily tasks or something you're good at or enjoy doing. Don't overlook the obvious. Everyone has something to share.

Your Time
Time is the single most precious and scarce resource we have. Nope, it's not money. It's time. Your time is precious, and Optimist International respects your most precious resource. The organization values your commitment and so do the kids in whom you will "bring out the best."

A Kid's Smile
Think of it like an equation – your talents plus your time equal a kid's smile. Optimist International's mission is simple, but the effect is profound. By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids!

Project Profiles
Optimist Project Profiles highlight successful programs that various Optimist Clubs have developed. These profiles can be used as a tool when explaining who we are and what we do to potential new members.

Online Resource Library
For even more ideas about service projects as well as fundraisers, check out the Online Resource Library. Information includes Club contacts and some ideas even provide setup instructions and a list of necessary materials.