ALBUM REVIEW: Breathe Atlantis – Overdrive

german quartet Breathe Atlantis have blessed the modern Metalcore scene with their fourth studio album Overdrive (nascent empire). Team up with the producer Andy Posdziech (any day), the band showcases its more vulnerable sides through a sea of ​​hooks that get stuck in your head after a listen. with the singer by Nico Schiesewitz Perfect balance between emotive cleanses and devastating screams front and center, not a moment is wasted.

‘Break The Silence’ opens the record with a crescendo riff that swaps bars with beefy guitar chugs. Schiesewitz yells, “Prepare for war! and the madness begins. Described by the band as the most personal song they’ve ever written, “Overdrive” is well-deserved of its title track placement. Lyrics about a parasite living inside you controlling your emotions scream in anguish until the breakdown comes and evoke the struggle to fight off these demons. Every time Schiesewitz suddenly goes into an “overdrive” of desperate cries in the middle of the line “Break down the walls inside my mind and kill the devil inside” it’s scary.

The exuberant ‘Savior’ presents Imminence’s Eddie Berg not only on vocals, but also on the violin. The abrupt transition from ravaging screams to tired strings beautifully captures the tender feeling of the song. Features “Edits” Electric Callboy’s Nico Sallach for an extraordinarily executed blend of vocal tones. The silver guitar solo of John Euler just add icing to the cake which was already gorgeous to begin with. He then continues to flourish with his melodious riffs for ‘Gates Of Hell’ from its very first second.

‘Heavy Hearts’ stays true to its name as one of the heaviest songs with an atmospheric dissonance that captivates you. The layers of contrasting guitar tones in “Out There” provide a soft backdrop to the soulful vocal melodies, setting up the quiet intro of the closing track “Going Down.” A moving end to the album, you can feel the determination in every instrument throughout the song.

There’s not a moment on Overdrive that doesn’t feel authentic and direct – every lyric is heartfelt and every melody was made to count. Breathe Atlantis proudly exposed its innermost self through what might be its most aggressive release yet. With how memorable each song is, this isn’t a record you can listen to just once.

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9 / 10


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