ALBUM REVIEW: Loathing Light – ONI

Six long years have passed since the release of their first album Ironshoreleaving many wondering about the future of ONI and if they were a single hit wonder. light of disgust which is now available via an independent label Ironshore Records ushers in an exciting new chapter for the band, which might turn out to be a little surprising.

The lie kicks off this release in high-octane fashion with a mix of emotive melodies and punchy instrumentation. Powerful drums roll over the track accompanied by tantalizing riff sequences. Against my sins maintains forceful hooks but only in short bursts. This piece takes a more tense and poignant approach, focusing more on lyrical narrative to add a personal nature to the proceedings. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Iggy Pop and Randy Blythe functionality on the same track? Good secrets has what you need. A blistering tempo meets intense bursts of musicality to get your adrenaline pumping.

Awake throws some terrific grooves into the mix as he continues his assault. Seductive drum beats run rampant, providing a solid foundation for the carnage. ender of war is not short of buoyancy as a hip-hop outfit CITY MORGUE leave their emphatic imprint on the track. While being an unconventional addition that may prove to be chalk and cheese for some listeners, it certainly adds to the variety presented. stone heart is packed full of anthemic instances that will have the metalcore faithful singing their hearts out. Accessible, eye-catching and memorable – what’s not to love?

battery grave quickly bares its razor-sharp teeth, plunging into the more aggressive realms of ONIoffer. If you want a track to blow your mind as a pit explodes, this will be it for you. Static Sequence sustains that vicious mentality, reeling off smooth riff work in impressive fashion. The crisp sound of the guitar does wonders to bring this track to life. Gasoline lets eccentric flair roam free, chopping and changing styles frequently to add spice to the chaos. The overwhelming momentum continues to build throughout as this piece becomes an absolute beast. Golden is almost like a cool down after a handful of fist-pumping tracks. The clean, acoustic tones tug at your heart strings allowing the vocal work to take you on an emotional journey.

If you were anticipating another round of technical bludgeoning similar to the Ironshore then you might be disappointed because ONI took a completely different direction this time around. light of disgust leans towards a more open approach to songwriting, flowing in a range of styles and moods that remain remarkably consistent. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds and what the next creative process looks like, but before we get too far there’s a lot to enjoy about this release.

Rating: 8/10

Loathing Light is available now through Ironshore Records.

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