ALBUM REVIEW: Turborider – Carefree Love

The 80s. Everywhere we look there is at least one person proclaiming their wish to be born in the modern golden age. Those of us who looked at the neon spectra of yore with rose-tinted glasses. Both scenarios neglect the notion that all that glitters is not gold. This Friday, CAREFUL LOVE aim to bask in the warm glow of nostalgia with a new release Turbo Rider. Finnish sleaze rockers return after a four-year hiatus with their fifth album. Their follow-up until 2016 Invader features 11 tracks of synth-wave infused rock. We are inclined to agree that this departs from their previous efforts. Is that too big of a start?

Olli HermannThe characteristic moan of the opening title track ushers in the new era of CAREFUL LOVE. Cast against Hessu Maxxrolls drums straight out of miami vicethat’s all the 80s were. A sumptuous melody of reckless grandpa‘ the guitar fills the track with such potential. Yet when HermannThe strongly self-tuned voice begins, we feel deflated. This song centers around a femme fatale character; a temptress combined with the sense of impending doom at the hands of this woman. “This is Turborider / Your true desireHermann warns in a dull refrain. The thick riffs that had strewn the first half of the track give way to a fully synthesized instrumental that does not supercharge us as expected.

This apathy afflicts Turbo Rider. Attempting to diversify in tribute, CAREFUL LOVE drop the ball. Eyes of a maniac exudes atmosphere with its seductive bass-laden verses. The chug under the choir blending into the electronic elements has potential. That said, it just doesn’t have the intended effect. The restrained guitar solo at the end gives Eyes of a maniac the threat the group was looking for – that’s not enough. The rhythm of the single To go past feels very similar to tracks we’ve listened to previously. To go past scrolls in a blur of notes and a semblance of a synth that does not Reckless a disservice especially since his guitar work here is exemplary.

two pillars of CAREFUL LOVEdecade of desire were video games and heavy metal, especially OZZY OSBOURNE. These keystones receive their designated share of Turbo Rider with Arcade kids and a blanket of barking at the moon respectively. An ode to the grind of an arcade game, and life in general, Arcade kids is supposed to give a certain sense of determination. A desire to continue. With corny lyrics”they will have the replay” and sterile verses, this boss music makes us want to put down our controller and go out. We would hope barking at the moon would have been a highlight at least, but looks like karaoke at best.

For those who have been on the CAREFUL LOVE boat for some time, there are still sordid rock features lurking beneath the surface. Festive air 89 SparkThe riff of dictates the twist of the party, even as the band goes off the beaten path with a confusion of shiny synths and boastful lyrics. Penultimate future boy lover lends itself to CAREFUL LOVEthe past efforts of with darker instrumentals and sexual innuendos coming from all angles. As we begin to settle into what the whole album should have been, a very synth-pop chorus drops the song, further reinforcing our frustration.

In a classic case of too little too late, prodigal sons give us the CAREFUL LOVE We waited. The gothic ethereal character of the intro dissolves into a blowing metallic riff that we had so longed for. Boast of sin and keep it sordid, that’s what Turbo Rider and CAREFUL LOVE should have been. Is it enough to save the album? No. Turbo Rider comes as a bitter disappointment and serves as an example that maybe some things should be left in their place.

Rating: 5/10

Turborider is set to be released on March 25 via AFM Records.

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