Alexander 23 releases his first album “Aftershock”

GRAMMY nominated singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander 23 released their introspective debut album, replica.

The 11-track collection, which details the fallout from a breakup, showcases Alexander’s impressive growth as a songwriter and his knack for capturing emotional depth. About the project, he shares, “My album is about the process of grieving a breakup. Feeling heartbroken, thinking you’re done when you clearly aren’t, meeting new people, questioning yourself and all of your relationships. If the breakup was the emotional earthquake, the making of this album was the emotional aftershock. Along with his album release, Alexander shared a captivating cinematic visual for “If We Were A Party.”

Produced by Alexander and GRAMMY-winning producer Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray), replica is an intense look into the mind of the rising pop artist after an all-consuming breakup. He digs deep into his post-separation mental state while showing touching empathy for his ex, signaling his ever-growing maturity as an artist and as a person.

Songs like the heartbreaking and fragile ode to a lost friend “The Hardest Part” and the anthem “Somebody’s Nobody” reveal the extent of Alexander’s inner life, with detailed lyrics that make his impassioned speech even more difficult. .

Other tracks, like “RIP You And Me,” which features Charlie Puth on piano, harmonies-heavy “Fall 2017 (What If),” and the wild “If We Were A Party,” combine a raw feel to an ingenious production, a powerful combination that shows why PAPER review hailed him as someone who had “struck a nerve with his generation from the very beginning”.

With replica. artists in mind John Mayer and Tate McRae.

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