beaten down. announces new album ‘Maintain’

DOWNSET. have announced a new album!

Title Maintainthe Los Angeles-based metal/hardcore rap band’s next album is the long-awaited sequel to 2014 a bloodand is slated for release in June of this year, via Nuclear Explosion Records.

On the upcoming album, the band intends to draw inspiration from their early hardcore and hiphop roots while rekindling their passion for the streets and their fury for current societal and political injustices. “From the beginning, I worried about the problematic nature of society,” explains the founder and singer Ray Oropeza. “I reflect on the experiences of my life. There are concepts that should be questioned and reflected upon. Everyone is going to come to their own conclusions about how they feel about inequality, misogyny, political topics, etc., but all of those things have kept me focused on my activism over the years. My abilities as a singer revolve a lot around what I feel, go through or experience at that moment; rather practical. »

“During pre-production, Maintain was the first song we ripped from the air,” describes the founder and guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano. “Going through difficult times, you have to hold on, hold on, Maintain and hold it down. During the first wave of the pandemic, we had a lot of fear. Everybody was getting sick, people were dying like our manager Scott Koenig (TO TEAR). It was amazing that we were able to realize all the work we did for this album during the lockdown.

Speaking of the new song, guitarist Rogelio Lozano said, “it was one of the first songs written with the new members Police officer Bridge and Philip Gonzales. With pseudo Jet (TERROR) engineering and co-production, our first goal was to try to revisit the original DOWNSET the sound of the very first recorded demos. To try and recreate the tone, we first rolled out our guitars and basses to drop “C” and then created heavy beats and riffs to facilitate a platform for Rey Oropeza‘s Hard Rap flows.

Lozano add on lyrical content, “The lyrics of this song combine several topics into one song and at the end, all tied together. Represent yourself with class, responsibility and courage. Setting a good example for our young people is my interpretation of the message.

Watch the official music video for The Place To Be here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming album below:

List of tracks:

1. Maintain
2. The darkest of days
3. New Respect
4. Don’t Forget
5. Destroy it
6. On Lock (Defest only)
7. The place to be
8. Your Power
9. Positive spirit
10. Hear Me Now
11. Deeper

Maintain is slated for a June 10 release via Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information about DOWNSET, like their official page at Facebook.

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