Ben Craven unveils the trailer for his new album Monsters From The Id

Australian progressive rocker Ben Craven has released a trailer for his upcoming album Id Monsters, which you can watch below. Craven will release the new album, his first since 2016 Last chance to hearvia his Bandcamp page on May 6.

Id Monsters features artwork by Freyja Dean adorning the trifold CD/DVD portfolio, which you can see below. Dean’s father, Roger, created the artwork for Craven’s 2011 album Great and terrible potions. A 5.1 surround mix is ​​included on the DVD, while stereo and surround versions are available for digital download in 24-bit 96kHz high resolution.

For downloaders, Craven offers some unique optional extras that it hopes will help personalize the experience. “I’ll personally autograph and hand-sign a digital version of the album cover, creating a one-of-a-kind image. And for good measure, I’ll also send you a personalized thank you video! There’s no no NFT here, just unique digital offerings for anyone who wants it. Downloading music can feel like a detached and intangible activity for both parties. It’s a way to bring the human element back into it.

“Lyrics are hugely important to me,” Craven explains, “but this music wasn’t driven by words or language. It’s pure otherworldly escapism. It’s playing dress up, wanting making the world seem much bigger than it seems right now, trying to bring back the feeling that anything is possible, however improbable it may be.”

Pre-order Id Monsters.

Ben Craven

(Image credit: Ben Craven)

Ben Craven: Id Monsters
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