Best Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Solution | Nasuni UniFS Global File System

Nasuni markets a cloud-native file services platform based on cloud object storage that replaces traditional network-attached storage (NAS) and all associated file server infrastructure with a secure, simplified solution. and infinitely scalable that runs on multiple public cloud platforms.

The Nasuni File Data Platform offers enterprise file synchronization, storage, collaboration and disaster/ransomware data protection and is based on a global file system designed to scale on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform object storage. Introduced in the latest version, Global File Acceleration (GFA), provides rapid ransomware recovery by enabling IT to instantly restore file data to any peripheral location after a ransomware attack. It eliminates the need for additional backup, disaster recovery, remote access, and WAN acceleration technology, allowing businesses to quickly restore any amount of data in seconds at any time. As a result, businesses avoid data loss, mitigate the risk of ransomware attack, and ensure business continuity.

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Nasuni helps IT managers fundamentally change everything they know about file storage. File storage infrastructure no longer needs to be continually fueled by massive IT budgets to stay online like a coal-fired steam locomotive. Nasuni, based on agile cloud object storage provided by AWS, Microsoft, and Google, is a game-changer for IT in three ways: Nasuni simplifies file storage, reduces administrative effort by 60%, and eliminates backup and disaster recovery; Nasuni scales efficiently from site to site, so “running out of disk space” goes hand in hand with dial tone and fax, and users can share files across multiple sites as easily as if they were connected to a single desktop file server. Nasuni promises to significantly reduce costs by up to 70% compared to traditional file infrastructure.

Customers rely on their reputation with Nasuni for data protection and business continuity. They’re backed by 99.999% uptime and protecting 3 billion files from ransomware and natural disasters every week. And if ransomware strikes, Nasuni customers can restore petabytes of data across multiple sites in minutes. Customers do not have to pay the ransom.

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