Björk’s new album could arrive this summer

Björk’s new album will “probably” be released this summer, the artist has confirmed.

The Icelandic musician talked about the new record, her upcoming cornucopia concerts in California and his lockdown experience in a pair of interviews.

Talk to news from mercury earlier this week (January 19), Björk revealed that the next album is set to be released this summer. However, this schedule depends on “the speed of publication in 2022”. She also revealed that the plan was to finish the album before embarking on her cornucopia tower. “Then a few team members caught Covid-19, so I had to juggle a lot of things,” she admitted. “But I think we kind of got back on the horse. Yeah, so it ends really well.

Elsewhere, Björk said THE weekly that the record “should probably be released this summer”. She also explained that she finds it hard to discuss going out while she’s still doing them, saying, “It’s only a few months later that I can look in the mirror and pretend there was a logic all the time.”

That said, the musician has previously described her tenth studio album as a home listening record, “in the living room.” In an interview with Icelandic broadcaster RÛV last year, Björk said the project was like “a man who did some headbanging, then sat down again and drank another glass of red wine, and everyone is home at 10 o’clock, done with the dancing and all”.

Last December, Björk made an appearance in the first trailer for Robert Egger’s Viking thriller The man from the north. Watch the trailer here and revisit Björk’s cover.

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