Bullet For My Valentine Frontman: Metallica’s Black Album Was The First Record I Ever Bought

Guitarist / singer Matt Tuck Welsh steelworkers BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE spoke to Germany’s Guitar about how he started to play music. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUT.NET): “There was literally one thing that started it all. I always grew up listening to music. My dad, he wasn’t a musician but he was a music fan. And his taste was rock and a little more singer-songwriter stuff So I grew up listening – with no choice; it was just always on in the living room, just playing in the background – like, ZEPPELIN LED, Bob seger, Bruce springsteen, EAGLES, FLEETWOOD MAC. So I grew up having this thing implanted in my head before I even knew it. And then one day I was watching TV. MTV was on, and [METALLICA‘s] “Enter Sandman” came, and that’s it. I was just addicted. I don’t know what it was – it was something about the sound, it was something about the visuals in the video and how cool it was James [Hetfield] look at. It just looked badass, and I was, like, ‘Shit. That’s it.’ And then that was it. I was addicted, man. And I just took this musical journey. “

He continued, “The first album I bought was METALLIC‘s Black Album when I was, like, 14 or something, and that was it. I have never looked back. I was addicted. So i did all the METALLIC albums upside down. I started with the Black Album, ‘… And justice for all’, ‘[Master Of] puppets’, blah blah blah. And I kind of bought a guitar, saved some money, got a guitar and just sat down and learned all I could by ear on these METALLIC records. And that’s how I learned to play the guitar. And as things went on, I discovered heavier stuff, like on the [MTV] show that was being played called “Headbangers’ Ball”… Every weekend I would wait until Sunday night to watch ‘Headbangers Ball’. I just got introduced to all these heavier, more intense bands, like MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA and stuff like that, Burial. And I was just, like, ‘Damn.’ And that was it, man. I had just left on a trip. And then it snowballed. It kind of took over my life. All I wanted was to play the guitar; all I wanted was to start a group with my friends. There was never any question of becoming famous. I liked it so much. I spend all of my time learning guitar and trying to make music with my friends. So that was it, really. That’s all METALLICit’s all the fault. “

Three years ago, To return Recount Radio Bob! that he would like to see METALLIC cover one of his songs. “I think I’m a 14 year old kid and I go back to that kind of open space. METALLIC has always been at the origin of everything that happened in the first place, ”he said. “So maybe hearing them refresh one of our songs would be a pretty special moment for us. And I think they would do it justice, especially the older stuff. Maybe a song like “Scream Aim Fire”, because this song was basically built around what they always did – it’s thrash, it’s nervous, it’s intense, there are riffs for days, there are several guitar solos. So I think they could probably make a stunning cover of it. It would be good.”

To return also reflected in more detail how to be introduced for the first time to METALLICMusic from when he was 14 shaped his early songwriting efforts. “I focused all my efforts, even at 14, on sitting down, learning to play the guitar on my own,” he said. “I didn’t take any lessons or anything. I just stayed on ‘Black Album’ and left – I kind of learned it from my ears, I worked it all out. everything, really. So the moment I had the opportunity to, sort of jam with other boys, METALLIC has always been that band because we first started playing these songs together. So we weren’t one METALLIC and NIRVANA cover band as such – we were just playing songs from several bands, like KILLER, MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA. Lots of stuff. Corn METALLIC and NIRVANA were the two bands our group of friends listened to the most, so that’s what we were trying to play. “

Back in 2016, To return Recount NME with whom he wanted to collaborate METALLIC, adding that the two groups “could do some great heavy metal together”. Speaking directly to the lead singer of metal legends James hetfield, he launched the call by saying, “Boys, let’s make this happen. I’m here, I’m ready when you are.”

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE recorded a cover of METALLIC‘s “Terrifying death” for Kerrang! magazines “Higher voltage” compilation disc. Another one METALLIC blanket, “Welcome home (sanatorium)”, was featured on “Remastered” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Puppeteer” release and Kerrang!25th anniversary of.

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