Carl Cox’s Upcoming Album: What We Know So Far

We knew electronic icon Carl Cox was up to something when he dropped his collaboration with Fatboy Slim two months ago. The high-energy single dropped just in time for festival season, but there was clearly more going on behind the scenes for Carl Cox.

And now we know a little more, as Carl Cox reveals some more details about his upcoming album, the first he’s released since. All roads lead to the dancefloor in 2011.

Stream his collab with Fatboy Slim below.

Now, in a final press release, Carl Cox has dropped a ton of information about what’s on his next album and what it’s going to sound like.

So let’s dive deep into everything we know about Carl Cox Electronic generations that you can pre-register here.

We know the album artwork

The album cover is inspired by the classic image of the evolution of man, but this time depicting the evolution of robots and machines.

What begins as a simple square machine quickly evolves into a decidedly human bionic robot. Check out the album cover for yourself below.


We know another single on Electronic Generations

The first single from the album is out today June 10th and is a collaboration alongside Nicole Moudaber.

The track itself is a catchy techno powerhouse that marks the second pre-mix release that will be on the album. The first, of course, is the track “Speed ​​Trials on Acid” linked above which was released earlier this year.

Stream the latest single below

And it’s not the first time the two have worked together either. In fact, they’re lifelong friends and colleagues whose first collaborative work came out in 2014 (five years after the two originally met when Nicole signed to his record label). Intec Registration).


1) Electronic Generations (El Rancho Mix)

2) How does it make you feel

3) Our time will come

4) Caution

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Recommended items

5) Toys out of the pram

6) Bring it back

7) Deep Space X

8) Lokma

9) Keep the pressure on

10) Go after that

11) Line lock

12) The world has gone mad

13) Speed ​​tests on acid

14) Move the crowd

15) The beings of Apollo

16) See the sun rise

17) Resumption of electronic generations

We know the release date of Carl Cox’s new album

Carl Cox at the season finale of The Brooklyn Mirage

Carl Cox’s next album is scheduled for release on September 16, 2022 via BMG.

This bodes well for festival season, as all the DJs in Cox’s inner circle will be keeping these tracks in heavy rotation for much of the summer festival season.

The digital version of the album also comes with a second volume of pre-remixes, including new track “How It Makes You Feel” featuring Nicole Moudaber, “Deep Space X” featuring Juan Atkins and “Speed ​​Trials on Acid” with Fatboy Slim.

Here are the inspirations behind Carl Cox’s new album

Carl Cox is a long-time veteran of the acid house and techno scenes of the UK and global rave scene. He has even been hailed as the pioneer of British rave culture and it is from this past and this history that he draws to shape the sounds and character of the album.

The album will feature a blend and fusion of the legend’s unique live sound that spanned decades.

With a mix of hybrid live sets he has successfully presented over the past few years, this album is sure to be the culmination of electronic music’s past, present and future for years to come.

“I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to share this album. As a live artist and DJ, I play all over the world and see people enjoying the shared experience of being together and dancing I’ve taken all the stuff I learned from watching these crowds, added my sound, and tried to bring you a real electronic music experience.- Carl Cox (June 2022)

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