Charlie Griffiths announces his first solo album “Tiktaalika”

CHARLIE GRIFFITHS has just announced his first solo album!

Title Tiktaalikathe next album from HAKEN guitarist is his first solo album and is due out in June this year, via Music InsideOut.

The upcoming debut album was mixed by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and mastered by Ermine Hamidovic and features a number of guest contributions, including Tommy Rogers [BETWEN THE BURIED AND ME], Daniel De Jongh [TEXTURES], Vladimir Lalic [ORGANISED CHAOS] and Neil Purdy [LUNA’S CALL] as well as Darby Todd [MARTIN BARRE, FROST, DEVIN TOWNSEND], Jordan Rüdess [DREAM THEATER] and Rob Townsend [STEVE HACKETT].

Speaking of the upcoming debut solo album, CHARLIE GRIFFITHS said, “I took up the six-string guitar, which ironically became the most unusual option for me, after about 10 years of writing with an eight-string guitar for HAKEN. It definitely sent me into a different creative headspace, with riff after riff seeming to fall off the guitar. I naturally started forming these riffs into song structures, while simultaneously writing vocal melodies and building the lyrical concept. It was a great form of escape from my usual surroundings and I had a lot of fun doing it.

All the guest musicians took the songs to another level. I had written everything and made a demo, so the guys could quickly learn the roles, but I gave them free rein to bring their personality to the party. DarbyThe drumming style of , is so beautifully improvised and more jazz-fusion influenced, when paired with my riffs, something unexpected results. I’m amazed that the synth solo played by Jordan was the very first take! Capturing this spirit of spontaneity in a structured piece is always very special.

Along with the announcement of the new album, Griffiths released a new music video for the first song taken from the upcoming debut solo album; Arctic Graveyard.

Speaking of the new song, Charly said, arctic graveyard it’s paleontology meets progressive metal. A fossil excavation, through a melodic tech-metal landscape. I am incredibly lucky to have BETWEEN THE BURIED AND MEit is Tommy Rogers singing and Darby Todd [MARTINE BARRE, DEVIN TOWNSEND] to the battery. They are both consummate pros and have elevated the song far beyond my expectations. It was one of the first songs that came to life for the album and once I got the line “Dead and buried, lying in a Arctic Graveyard‘ the idea flourished. The song reflects on the notion that modern humans can identify graveyard locations, hundreds of millions of years old and find remains of our ancestors and ask, what can this extinct creature teach us? I find this notion incredibly impressive and humiliating.

Watch the official clip from Arctic Cemetery here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming solo album below:

List of tracks:

1. Prehistoric Prelude
2. Arctic Graveyard
3. Luminous Beings
4. In the alluvium
5. Dead in the water
6. Dig deeper
7. Tiktaalika
8. Crawl Walk Run
9. Under Polaris

Tiktaalika is set to be released on June 17 via InsideOut Music. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

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