Elden Ring file size revealed for PS5

The file size of Elden Ring has apparently been revealed with more than two months to go.

Earlier today on December 21, the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which scours the Sony-owned database for new publisher entries, stumbled upon an apparent entry for Elden Ring. As the tweet below asserts, the file size for the PS5 version of Elden Ring would be 44GB according to the database without a Day 1 patch.

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That’s not to say Elden Ring will actually have a Day 1 patch, however. The database entry for FromSoftware’s next RPG simply provides the base file size for the game itself, without specifying whether it will actually expand or not. With the current state of the gaming industry, it’s virtually impossible to imagine Elden Ring not receiving some type of post-launch patch for bug fixes or something similar.

Additionally, the database entry for Elden Ring indicates that the preload date is February 23. It’s impossible to say if this will be the preload date for Elden Ring on all platforms, but for now at least, it looks like those who pre-order FromSoftware’s latest company will have around 48 hours to install the game before they can. ‘it is actually uploaded.

Elden Ring’s final launch could take place in just over two months on February 25, 2022, but it’s still possible to find out a lot more details about the new game. Later this month on December 30, Edge Magazine will launch an exclusive interview with FromSoftware frontman Hidetaka Miyazaki, delving into new details about Elden Ring, which should be a must read for all fans.

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