Families of Oxford victims take legal action against teachers and staff

A lawsuit brought by Tate Myre’s parents alleges that three teachers and three other staff at Oxford High School were negligent in preventing a deadly shooting at a school on November 30.

According to Associated press, the lawsuit seeks at least $25,000 in damages and names Oxford High School’s dean of students, two counselors and three teachers. 15-year-old shooter Ethan Crumbley and his parents are also named as defendants.

The families of the other victims are appearing in the lawsuit as co-plaintiffs.

In the video below, Tate Myre’s father, William “Buck” Myre, explains how their lives were changed forever.

“We’re not doing well. All we do is walk around the house and think about Tate,” Myre said at the press conference. “We think about him every day. We sit in his room. We listen to his playlist on Spotify. We’re not well, but we’ll find a way out together.”

Myre went on to acknowledge that some will not understand their reasons for filing the lawsuit.

“We are fully aware that people will misunderstand why we are doing this,” Myre said. “But we taught Tate and his brothers to be responsible for their actions and to always be responsible for them. It would be a disgrace to Tate if we didn’t.”

Keegan Gregory’s mother also spoke at the press conference. Keegan witnessed the shooting on November 30. She said her son was traumatized and far from ready to return to school.

He is a long way from returning to the classroom, let alone functioning like a normal 15-year-old,” she said. “We have to check the doors. We have to check under the beds.

In a separate court filing today (1/27), lawyers for Ethan Crumbley pursue an insanity defense. Mental health exams that will try to determine whether or not the shooter understood the wrongfulness of his actions are expected to add months of delay to the case.

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