Family of 14-year-old Astroworld victim sues Travis Scott – News

The family of John Hilgert, a 14-year-old high school freshman who died at the Astroworld music event, have sued Travis Scott and others, looking for “changes.”

John Hilgert was one of 10 people who were killed in a “many casualties” crowd crush during the rapper’s front page show in Houston, Texas. He was then 14 years old.

Travis Scott, 30, is named in the case, which was filed Wednesday and acquired by PEOPLE magazine. He also appoints Live Nation Worldwide and its subsidiaries, including Scoremore LLC.

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The lawsuit claims that the defendants “failed in their obligation to protect the health, safety and lives of those present at the performance”, citing breaches of security and crowd control as examples.

The record also claims that “gross negligence” and “reckless disregard” for Hilgert’s safety are the reason for Hilgert’s death.

A second complaint was filed on behalf of Adam and Jennifer Cox, parents of a youth identified as “BC” who was injured in the stampede and was a friend of Hilgert’s.

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This lawsuit also claims that neglect is what hurt their child.

John’s parents Chris and Nichole Hilgert are keen to see changes in the way concerts are organized, including more security, medical facilities and the elimination of poorly planned general admission seats at the press release, according to a press release. profit from allocated seats.

“The defendants seriously failed in their duty to protect the health, safety and lives of those present at the concert, including, but not limited to, failure to provide adequate security personnel to implement measures crowd control, proper barricades and failure to provide a sufficient amount of emergency medical support, ”argues the lawsuit.

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“The pain of our loss on the part of our son John who did not come home alive from an event like this is intolerable. He was a handsome young man who just wanted to enjoy his first gig with friends, who he enjoyed spending time with more of something else, “Chris Hilgert said in a statement.

“This pain should never be felt by anyone because of a loved one attending a live concert,” he said.

“Our only goal in taking this legal action is to prevent this type of tragedy from ever happening again during a live concert.

“There is no excuse for the poor design of the crowd, the execution of the event and the lack of response that was exerted at this festival which resulted in the tragic deaths of our son and nine other people. as well as dozens of other people who have been innocently injured. “

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This lawsuit is one of many that have been filed against Scott due to the incidents that occurred during the event.

Recently, it was revealed that security guards at the event have also taken legal action due to the lack of training provided.

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