Federal government files ammunition case against rodeo man with rich history

OAKLAND – A man from Rodeo faces felony ammunition possession charges after being arrested for suspected possession of a loaded firearm while on parole for attempted murder, court records show.

Brian Isadore Jones, 37, faces up to 10 years in federal prison if convicted of being a criminal in possession of ammunition. The criminal complaint, filed in late November, alleges police arrested Jones after disabling an ankle monitor he was required to wear as a condition of parole, so police and the FBI put him under surveillance.

Authorities went looking for Jones in Rodeo; they saw him walk to Rodeo Grocery on Mariposa Street with a black bag, then walk out of the store without the bag. They arrested him and an FBI agent then recovered two Glock pistols and an extended magazine and loaded inside the store, according to the complaint. In a Dempsey Avenue apartment where Jones was seen walking in and out, authorities reportedly found eight pistol magazines.

Jones remains in Santa Rita prison without bail. His next court date was set for January.

Jones’ long history at West Contra Costa extends well beyond his attempted murder conviction in 2010, which stemmed from a shooting in 2006, and for which he was sentenced to 15 years in state prison. . In 2004 Jones’s 20-year-old girlfriend was shot and killed on Richmond Parkway, allegedly by someone targeting Jones. Two years later, Jones was with a 17-year-old girlfriend who was shot and killed, again by someone who intended to shoot Jones, authorities said at the time.

In July 2005, Jones was convicted of assault with a firearm in a case where he allegedly shot a stranger who mistakenly showed up at Jones’ apartment in San Pablo, looking for a friend. No one was injured in this shooting. Two years earlier, Jones was one of three men linked to an infamous non-fatal shootout in Richmond prompted by a disagreement over a fender-bender, which sparked days of gun violence between gangs in North Richmond and Central Richmond.

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