Florida to sue COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Florida declared war on Thursday on the federal mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine, joining a handful of Republican-led states that have filed lawsuits to end the controversial health order.

Alongside the General Surgeon Joseph ladapo in Tallahassee, DeSantis pledged to protect the livelihoods of unvaccinated people and defeat the emergency health mandate in court. At least two other states will join the pursuit – Georgia and Alabama.

“People are so fed up with being constantly led, restricted, mandated,” DeSantis said. “It is important to defend the individual right of people to make decisions for themselves. “

The governor’s wish came hours after White House officials unveiled elements of the US employer’s mandate.

Under the rule, employers with more than 100 workers must ensure employees are fully immunized or perform weekly COVID-19 tests. The tenure, officials said, will impact around 84 million workers, or two-thirds of private sector jobs. The rule will take effect Jan. 4 – a timeline suggested by DeSantis undermines the supposed need and urgency professed by supporters of the mandate.

Implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the ordinance threatens heavy fines. Businesses can face penalties of up to $ 14,000 per violation, OSHA officials said.

DeSantis suggested that Florida could look for ways to thwart federal fines. He initiated the creation of a “defense fund,” a backlash that would essentially remove the teeth from Biden’s vaccine order.

“I think there are ways to build support so that you can basically pay some of these fines,” DeSantis said.

The governor’s remarks drew praise from the Republican leadership in the Legislature. President of the Senate Wilton Simpson and President of the Chamber Chris extends issued a joint statement after the announcement, lambasting the health care mandate as an unconstitutional attack on the government. The Legislature will meet for a special session this month to find ways to get around the order.

“The legislature has always been the voice of Florida employees and business owners who are busy with work and who have neither the time nor the resources to review and implement a 490 page emergency rule or to fight independently against unconstitutional federal mandates, ”the conservative pair said. “We will not stand idly by as the Biden administration pits hard-working Floridians against their employers.”

The legal movement, however, also drew arrows. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki fried – a Democratic gubernatorial candidate – was quick to criticize the announcement in a press release. Fried is one of DeSantis’ most vocal opponents.

“We are in this position due to a lack of leadership from Governor DeSantis who provided a platform for conspiracy theorists and extremism in denying the effectiveness of vaccines and science-based public health policies. “Fried said. “The governor himself is now trying to enact his own mandates to prevent businesses, local governments and school boards from protecting their own constituents. Once again, Governor DeSantis puts his personal ambitions above the well-being of Floridians. “

Speaking for about half an hour, DeSantis made a multitude of points to reporters.

The Republican governor said the mandate would do more harm than good. Rather than forcing Americans to get vaccinated, DeSantis insisted that many will grow back even harder.

“Do you think the first thing they’re going to do is run away and get the hit after they’re already fired?” Asked DeSantis. “Of course, they’re not going to do that. I don’t even see how that moves the needle in a positive direction for these people. This is going to cause more economic pain. “

DeSantis called the order unconstitutional and a blatant example of government overtaking. He accused the Biden administration of peddling medical policy under the guise of workplace regulations with emergency powers.

The government, he added, will soon push the mandate even further, describing the current rule as only the “tip of the iceberg”.

“Those people who have undergone the normal vaccination series for COVID, you will be determined to be vaccinated very soon,” DeSantis said. “They will tell you that you are not vaccinated and that you need to be reminded. Otherwise, you could face job loss or other types of penalties.

A separate prescription, meanwhile, has more stringent requirements against some unvaccinated Americans.

Health care workers in facilities and hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid will need to be vaccinated under a decision issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

In addition, employees of the executive and entrepreneurs doing business with the federal government will also need to be vaccinated – without the possibility of testing.

the Deployment of 490 pages comes weeks after Biden lashed out against unvaccinated Americans. They, Biden indicted in September, are causing “a lot of damage.”

“We have been patient, but our patience is running out and your refusal has cost us all,” Biden told Unvaccinated Americans.

Attorney General Ashley moody plans to file a complaint on Friday. In a statement, she questioned OSHA’s authority to implement the mandate and called it illegal.

“The remarkable ease with which this president will abandon the rule of law and the separation of powers is astonishing and devastating for the autonomy of American workers,” Moody said. “For this reason, I will take swift legal action to end this unprecedented federal government excess, to protect Florida and our workers from illegal edicts from President Biden and his managers.”

The special session begins on November 15th.

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