Fuyad Hasan & Rejaul Karim full of hope for their next album

It is said that “where words fail, music speaks”. Music is known to have the power to connect people across borders, languages, generations and points of view. Good music is bound to find a place in everyone’s heart, whether or not the person understands the language in which it is created.

Two popular Bangladeshi singers and musicians Fuyad Hasan and Md Rejaul Karim are working together for their next album. Fuyad Hasan is a Bangladeshi musical artist born January 25, 1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and also raised there. His first album was ‘Valobashar Ovinoy’. He is the founder of “Influencer Born”, an online magazine. He has appeared in various national and international news media regarding his musical work.

From an early age, he was immersed in music. Her father was the principal soloist of a church. His father helped him develop his musical talents, spending countless hours with his son, singing and playing various instruments. At the age of two he first picked up his wand and at five he became the drummer for the church’s youth choir. When the same vacancy occurred in the adult choir, Stephen took over, becoming the lead drummer for his church. He is heavily involved in his church, singing solos, playing the piano and also guitarist for his church’s men’s choir.

In addition, Md Rejaul Karim is a young Bangladeshi musical artist and entrepreneur born December 31, 1998 in Comilla, Bangladesh, and also grew up there.

He is a verified artist on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and other popular music apps which proves his credibility and beginner talent. His first song “Bondhu Amar” has gone viral and particularly popular with younger generations, he says. His debut album ‘Dui Noyon’ and his second album ‘Akasher Tara’ were appreciated by many.

They started working together in the last 2 months for their next album ‘Tomar Amar Prem’.

Fuyad Hasan said, I am very optimistic about this creation. All audiences around the world will love it. Our Album will be released soon on all music streaming platforms. I believe it will be a masterpiece. We are also planning to release another album “Priyotoma” for the New Year 2022.

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