Gallop Franklin is the first to place in the HD 8 race after the retirement of Ramon Alexander

Gallop Franklin IITallahassee pharmacist and professor at Florida A&M University (FAMU), is the first candidate to run in the House District 8 race after Rep. ramon alexander dropped out of his re-election bid amid allegations of sexual harassment.

HD 8 is one of Florida’s majority black neighborhoods, where black residents make up more than 50% of voters. It includes all of Gadsden County and parts of Tallahassee and Leon County. The last contested race for the seat was in 2016, where Alexander won a four-way contest.

Franklin, who was born and raised in Tallahassee, served as FAMU student body president from 2009 to 2011. He is also a former member of the FAMU Board of Trustees, former Vice Chairman of the Florida Board of Governors and member of the office of governor under charlie christ when he was in college.

This is not the first time that Franklin has sought public office. He applied for the vacant Tallahassee City Commission seat in 2018 after Scott Maddox was removed from the seat by a Rick Scott executive order following Maddox’s indictment.

He told Florida Politics his family moved to Midway, Florida in the mid-1800s and have lived in the area ever since. He said he decided to run because he wanted to make sure Leon and Gadsden counties are represented by the right kind of leader who understands their communities.

“Because of the experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, the people I’ve met, and the communities I’ve grown up in, I’m very aware of the challenges our communities face,” Franklin said. . “I also understand how to navigate the landscape of the Capitol, to make an impact when it comes to bringing home resources for infrastructure and education programs to ensure that we cultivate a community that fosters the social mobility.

Franklin said education is at the top of his political priorities. He said education is key to fighting poverty and that work must be done to modify the state education system to provide more specialized education to meet the needs of children.

“Education is the cornerstone of social mobility,” Franklin said. “Our current education system was designed a long time ago. We really need to look very closely at overhauling our education system which is not unique and which believes that we should send hundreds of thousands of children to the same type of institution, but they will be able to grow up in a unique way to be the best versions of themselves.

He also said he wants to fight poverty in the district by creating more job opportunities and boosting education. He said additional industry needs to be brought to the region and a stronger support network for small businesses needs to be sustained to bring the kind of jobs people need.

“I’ve never met a drug dealer before who told me he likes selling drugs because he’s passionate about it,” Franklin said. “The reason the crime happened is because of education and employment opportunities that are not available to some communities.”

Last updated May 13, 2022

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