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welsh artist Gwenno will release their new album ‘Tresor’ on July 1st.

The new album is the songwriter’s third to date, and it marks a personal turn, with Gwenno turning inward.

Made in St Ives, Cornwall, before being completed in his home studio in Cardiff, “Tresor” oscillates between sharp synth pop and psychedelic textures.

A record framed by her motherhood experiences, the forthcoming LP is led by the new song “An Stevel Nowydh (The New Room)”.

A glorious listen, the song is accompanied by beautiful visuals, which point to a larger incoming project.

Gwenno comments…

‘An Stevel Nowydh (The New Room)’ is a song about finding yourself in an entirely new place and realizing that you are completely lost, and recognizing that the only thing you can do in an existential crisis is to put on your favorite hat and dance!

The short is part of a longer film I have created with Anglesey-born filmmaker Clare Marie Bailey, which is due to be unveiled this summer. It was shot in Super 8 at Bryn Celli Ddu, Mynydd Parys and Porth Ia (St Ives) during the summer of 2021, it was edited by Joan Pope and stars the incomparable Eddie Ladd as ‘Greddf’ (Instinct).

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Track list:
1. A Stevel Nowydh
2. Anime
3. Treasure
5. Men a toll
6. Ardamm
7. Kan Me
9. Tonnow
10. Port La

Photo credit: Claire Marie Bailey

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