Homeboy Sandman Announces New Album “There In Spirit”

Homeboy Sandman has announced his new album There In Spirit on Mello Music Group. The Illingsworth-produced EP is set to be released on February 25.

Along with the announcement, Homeboy Sandman unveils the project’s first single, “Keep That Same Energy,” a gritty track about relentless tampering. Illingsworth’s production is brilliant and theatrical, featuring Homeboy Sandman’s charismatic delivery as he encourages everyone to be themselves.

Since 2007, Homeboy Sandman has delivered timeless projects showcasing his imaginative flows and empowering lyrics. During his long career, he received praise from Rolling Stone, The FADER, XXL Magazine, Complex, etc. Pitchfork hailed him as “a prolific and technically gifted MC”. With his vast catalog, the Queens native continues to find new inspirations that make each project stand out from the rest. Homeboy Sandman’s new album, There In Spirit, carries a powerful message of individuality and self-realization. For Sand, doing this was about breaking the mould, letting go of mediocrity and fear, and standing at a higher level.

Following his acclaimed projects Don’t Feed The Monster, produced by Quelle Chris, and Anjelitu, produced by Aesop Rock, There In Spirit finds Homeboy Sandman joining forces with Detroit beatmaker Illingsworth. Homeboy Sandman describes his work with Illingsworth, “Illingworth’s beats are a special, one-of-a-kind sonic energy to which my molecular structure responds in a way it could never respond to anything else.” He continues, “Illingsworth is one of the greatest producers of all time. Anyone who denies that is in complete denial.”

Listen to the new single here:

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