Johnny Christ explains why Avenged Sevenfold had to delay new album

avenged Sevenfold bass player Johnny Christ spoke about the band’s upcoming album on his YouTube show “Drinks With Johnny.” Johnny said they are in the process of finishing the album and will let fans know when it’s done.

The band’s upcoming new album will follow the Arrangewhich they released in 2016. Receiving positive reviews from the metal community, The scene peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200. Launched in 2001 with Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Avenged Sevenfold has 7 studio albums at press time.

the Arrange, Avenged Sevenfold’s seventh studio album, is the band’s longest album to date. The album consists of 11 tracks and more than 73 minutes of listening. The song “The scene” from the album was nominated in the Better Rock Song category at the grammys Awards in 2018 but won the award with the “Course” by fooo fighters.

Anyway, the bassist of the band, Johnny Christtalked about the album, which will come after six years, on its own program Drinks With Johnny. Johnny says the album was delayed for many reasons, and covid19 is the first cause.

“We’re still finishing our case that we started,” Johnny said. “We had a lot of delays, for many different reasons. We will come back to this at a later date and let all fans know. But those are just delays, and then adding COVID to some of those delays… We’re a pretty complex bunch. The delays were already there, and [COVID] just made it a little longer.

“Finishing the record at the caliber that we’ve created… A lot of string arrangements, a lot of different things that you need – players to come in, and they’re all in a union and stuff, and they have different new protocols of how… ‘Oh, if we want to do a full orchestra, we have to do these three guys and then these three guys.

“We were, like, ‘No. We’re just gonna wait until we can put it all together. Let’s do it well. …and that’s just one of the delays. There are a few others. But basically we end this

Johnny says “Avenged Sevenfold find themselves in a great place again as a band”

Stating that they have frequent meetings to plan the band’s next few years, Johnny says they’re excited because they think avenged Sevenfold will rise to the top.

“We’re literally in talks right now, having group meetings, what the next two years will look like and planning and everything like that,” Johnny added. “So we are delighted. We return again to a great place as a group. Not that there was a bad place.

Johnny also talked about the pandemic process. Although he felt bad about not being able to make music while he was at home, he admitted that it was also a joy to see his child grow up first hand.

“You know what the other thing is, Chad?” Johnny continued. “We all have young families at the moment. So be away for a little while [during the pandemic] was a kind of silver lining, a blessing in many ways. I was able to see my five year old son grow up without being on the road, without working too much. I came home every day, which is good and bad for me.

Back in 2020, the singer of the group, Mr. Shadows appeared in Kerrang Magazine. The singer talked about his first game as Avenged Sevenfold and revealed a rare and well-known story about those days. When asked about those days, the hit singer said:

“There were, like, 10 friends there and they watched us and then left and then another band played after and 10 of their friends watched.

“The second or third show we played was at Chain Reaction, and we were playing on a hardcore stage and none of the kids were going to the front of the stage – they were looking at you from the back with their arms crossed. [Laughs]

“Our first big gigs were with bands like Twelve Tribes, Eighteen Visions, Poison The Well and Shai Hulud… It would only be a bunch of hardcore bands but it was huge for us – it was awesome. We released a three-song demo at the time!

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