Lawmakers lay memorial calling for more National Guard troops

Lawmakers may soon call on Congress to strengthen the Florida National Guard as part of a bipartisan memorial filed Thursday.

The memorial comes as lawmakers are increasingly concerned about the Florida National Guard’s manpower shortage. Although serving as the third most disaster-prone state, the Florida Guard ranks second-to-last in the Guard-to-Citizen ratio with approximately 12,000 troops.

The question of military personnel is, however, a federal prerogative. If adopted, memorials (SM 826 & HM 505) would urge Congress and the United States National Guard Bureau to allow Florida to recruit more troops.

Republican Senator Tom wright be p. Democratic Dan Daley are leading the charge.

“Our current shortage of guards is based on the population of the state of Florida in 1958,” Wright said in a statement. “This effort has long been envisioned, and now Representative Daley and I are working together to get the results needed for our great state of Florida.”

The memorial marks Florida’s latest attempt to gain the attention of Guardian policymakers.

In February, a collective of congressmen from Florida urged Congress to act in a bipartisan letter. Govt. Ron DeSantis has also looked into the matter. In June, he wrote to a National Guard bureau chief calling for Florida’s “fair share”.

Data shared by the Guard in October suggests that the state’s troop shortage is compounded more by federal deployments than state activations.

The Florida National Guard spent more than 2.9 million federal work days between 2016 and 2021, but only 834,000 on state missions, according to deployment data.

With a heavy workload and few workers, the Florida Guard’s top general once warned that Florida was ill-placed to handle its next major emergency or “worst day.”

“We just don’t have enough troops and are overworking these citizen soldiers and putting our state and our nation at risk,” Daley said.

Meanwhile, two lawmakers are proposing measures that would limit the federal government’s use of the Florida Guard.

Bills, sponsored by Republican Rep. melony bell and Democratic Senator. Jason pizzo, would prohibit the deployment of the Florida Guard in “active duty combat” without a declaration of war from Congress.

Congress has not officially declared war for over 70 years.

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