Månegarm announces new album “Ynglingaättens Öde”

MÅNEGARM have announced a new album!

The next album, titled Ynglingaättens Odeis the continuation of 2019 Fornaldarsagor by the Swedish folk metal band and is set to be released in April this year, via Napalm discs.

Speaking of the upcoming album, the band says, “Thousands of hours of work have gone into this beast – our new album, Ynglingaättens Ode. We truly believe this album to be our strongest and most comprehensive album to date and despite the dark days of the pandemic we have created a concept album 100% MÅNEGARM and filled with strong melodies, powerful riffs and choruses. This time, we explore an ancient Swedish dynasty of Norse rulers where we detail their deeds, reign, and most importantly – their deaths. So join us on this journey and meet the destiny of Yngliga parents!

Along with the new album announcement, the band released a new music video for the first song taken from the upcoming album; Ulvhjartat. Speaking about the new song, the band adds, “Ulvhjartat is about ingjald Illrade, who was the last king of the Ynglinga dynasty who ruled over Uppsala and Svetjud. As a young boy, ingjald was weak and frail but at a big party, the midvinterblot, ingjald was advised by his adoptive father, the blind Svipdageat a wolf’s heart to gain strength. ingjald took the old man’s advice, but the result was not only that Ingjald became hardened and stronger… he also took on the wolf’s spirit and temper. ingjald grew to be an ambitious king determined to grow his kingdom, but his mind grew increasingly dark. His treacherous spirit caused him to invite nearby kings just to burn them alive and expand his kingdom, his fierce and ruthless rule contained betrayals and oath breaking and he was eventually styled ‘Ingjald the Illruler’…”

Watch the official Ulvhjärtat music video here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

List of tracks:

1. Freyr’s Blood
2. Ulvhjartat
3. Adil falls
4. En snara av guld
5. Stridsgalten
6. Auns soner
7. Vitta vet
8. Hågkomst av ett liv

Ynglingaättens Öde is set for release on April 15 via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information about MÅNEGARM like their official page on Facebook.

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