Minnesota auto dealers file second lawsuit against ‘clean cars’ plan – Austin Daily Herald

ST. PAUL—Minnesota auto dealers are suing the state’s “clean cars” plan, saying the rules violate state law by improperly delegating state authority to the California Air Resources Board.

The rules passed last year by the Walz administration and published in the National Register go into effect in 2024 with the 2025 model year. They will require manufacturers and dealers to supply more electric vehicles for the Minnesota market.

The Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association filed the lawsuit in the state Court of Appeals, following failed attempts at the federal level to block the plan.

The group argues that Minnesota is not qualified to adopt the California rules under federal law, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.

“Dealers are all supportive of EV adoption and are making significant investments in their businesses to prepare for an expected surge in demand,” association president Scott Lambert said in a statement. “But they’re making plans based on consumer appetite, not what California dictates.”

California has special permission to implement its own exhaust emission standards that are stricter than those of the federal government. Minnesota’s pollution control agency says there’s a strong demand for electric vehicles in the state, but many of those vehicles are instead being sent to other states that have already adopted California’s standards.

Minnesota is now one of 17 states to follow California’s lead.

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