Mr Shadows offers update on new Avenged Sevenfold album, explains group’s reluctance to book shows during pandemic

In a brand new interview with Loudwire, AVENGED SEVENFOLD a singer Mr. Shadows spoke of the band’s apparent reluctance to resume performing live without having a new album and new stage production to go along with it. “It’s not that we don’t want to [book dates], he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “It’s just that we have to be really careful to put everything in place, build a whole new stage, hire everyone, hire buses, and then make someone sick and the tour is canceled and we have to take it all on. And it’s not that we don’t want to.

“People compare us to groups that go and play in clubs,” he continued. “It’s not the same. Touring the arenas and performing at these festivals is just not the same. And also, we want to be mentally prepared.

“It’s all going to sound like crazy excuses, but they’re real. We’ve got a huge stage that we want to build. We can’t make people work. We can’t get the supplies we need to build it, this that’s the case. a supply chain problem too. Go check out Long Beach, at the harbor right now, and these boats are just stuck there. And so we have all these things going on where we don’t go not come back on stage and have the scene of ‘The scene’ record and then say, ‘Well, same show four years later. Sorry guys. The disc is not finished because we could not finish it.

“So I would just say that starting in January, we’re gonna hit the nail on the head and we’re gonna finish this [new AVENGED SEVENFOLD] registration,” Mr. Shadows added. “And then we do some shows in Europe. And then I would love – and I don’t want to step on it [festival organizer] Danny wimmer‘s toes here – but I would like to start [the] replica [festival in October 2022] then book a tour from there.

“So we’re going to do things. But, yeah, that’s just to make sure we’re there mentally and that we do our best to come forward when we go out and make sure it’s okay.”

Back in February, Mr. Shadows told the Minneapolis, Minnesota radio station 93X that “70%” of monitoring “The scene” was done. ”He said,“ We’re working on stuff. We have things we can’t finish right now because of COVID – string players, et cetera. We know Andy [Wallace, AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s longtime mixer] doesn’t want to travel, or his management doesn’t want him to travel because of COVID. So there’s a lot going on. “

Also in February, AVENGED SEVENFOLD guitarist Zacky Vengeance said in detroit WRIF radio station that he and his bandmates wrote “a lot, a lot of writing – at a much slower pace than usual” – during the coronavirus pandemic. “Now that we’re a little older, we move a little slower, but [we’ve done] tons of writing, “he said.” We went to the studio. It was a bit of a weird time to do anything in 2020, but that’s when we felt like it was a good time to come out and start following whatever we had inside of us. .

“But, like I said, we’re doing it at a slow pace, so we’re still recording,” he explained. “We’re going very, very slowly, making sure everything is the way we like it. We’re in no rush to release anything, mainly because we want to hit the road, and we want to be able to give it away. him life. We wanna tour, we wanna travel, we wanna play songs that people wanna hear; we wanna expose them to new things. Because I just wanna rush out to release something now and let it go. dissipate because of the void, as people worry about where their next meal is coming from or the paycheck, the last thing in the world on people’s minds is, ‘AVENGED SEVENFOLDis going to release a new album, and that will be saving grace for all of us. And I feel like we’re going to take it slow, let the world get back to normal a little bit, and when people are ready, we’ll know – we’ve got a good idea. We’re going to finish it slowly, and then release it when the world is ready. “

Last December, Mr. Shadows Recount Kerrang! magazine on the musical direction of the new VENGÉ material: “The [new] the recording does not look like anything ‘The scene’ – it’s a completely new direction, and it’s nothing like anything we’ve done. That’s all I’m going to say about it: it’s overkill, and it’s very eclectic and wild. “

AVENGED SEVENFOLD lay low in 2019. A blister of blood on Mr. Shadows‘vocal cords forced the band to cancel a 2018 summer tour with RABIES PROPHETS and THREE DAYS GRACE.

“The scene” was released by surprise in October 2016. The record’s release, announced the night it went on sale, had the lowest sales of a AVENGED SEVENFOLD album in 11 years. It sold 76,000 copies in its first week, 73,000 of which were physical.

“The scene”, VENGÉdebut for Capitol, sold less than half the number of copies in its first week than the group’s previous two efforts, the 2010s “Nightmare” and 2013 “Hail to the king”.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently announced the Bat Club, a new level of connection with fans based on non-fungible tokens, or NFT – digital assets (free lifetime tickets, free lifetime meetups, airdrops over the course of each year, drum lessons, guitar lessons, golf lessons, giveaways, avoid queues at shows, poker nights, movie nights, etc.) that cannot be duplicated. After a first drop of 101 free NFTs to whet fans’ appetites, they released 10,000 at the end of November via, with everyone who buys one being part of the community.

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