Nasuni Buys Simplified Storage, Seeks to Expand Remote File Capabilities

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Joseph F. Kovar

“Thanks to the acquisition, we can now offer two new services. The first is access to data from anywhere to enable a distributed workforce to access data without a VPN. The second is compliance and research. In the NAS world, you can’t do that across all those data silos,” says David Grant, Nasuni’s new president.

Nasuni, the cloud file data services technology developer, plans to add remote work and compliance capabilities through the acquisition of Storage Made Easy.

Nasuni on Tuesday unveiled its acquisition of Storage Made Easy, including the entire company and its product set, for an undisclosed price.

For Nasuni, the acquisition provides the opportunity to expose files stored by Nasuni’s cloud technology to remote workers, said David Grant, who was named president of the Boston-based company this month.

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Storage Made Easy enables Nasuni, which last month acquired cloud-native data migration technology from DBM Cloud Systems and three months ago added ransomware protection for file data stored on its based system. on the cloud, expanding the services it offers to its channel partners, Grant (pictured above) told CRN.

“We can now offer two new services thanks to the acquisition,” he said. “The first is access to data from anywhere to enable a distributed workforce to access data without a VPN. The second is compliance and research. In the NAS world, you can’t do this between all these data silos.

Nasuni and Storage Made Easy are no strangers to each other, Grant said. The two partners have worked together for about three years and already have a dozen joint clients, he said.

“Our experience with them has been good,” he said. “And they have a great technology roadmap. We’ll be selling their existing products for the time being and plan to offer new branded services in the coming months. They offer a cloud service like we do, so the turnaround time “will be quite fast. Newly branded services will be closer to a rebrand of their existing services, but may use our pricing model.”

Nasuni is almost 100% channel-focused, while about 80% of Storage Made Easy’s revenue comes from channel partners, he said.

Nasuni decided it was better to acquire Storage Made Easy than to build the remote access and compliance technologies itself, Grant said.

“Speed ​​to market is important,” he said. “We have been in this market for eight years. There have been pockets of cloud adoption. But now we are reaching the growth of the “hockey stick”. Our ransomware service was developed internally, but many of our new services in the future will be inorganic.

The acquisition of DBM and Storage Made Easy comes after Nasuni unveiled a new $60 million seed round in March. Nasuni, which now has about $100 million in cash, has seen annual revenue growth of more than 30%, Grant said.

“We want to continue to be a stand-alone business,” he said. “We have momentum. We do not yet have a positive cash flow. But we believe this will be the last round of funding. We are still in growth mode. We think the market opportunity is there.

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