Parents of gunshot victim bring $ 100million lawsuit against Oxford High staff and administrators

The parents of two Oxford high school students filed a lawsuit Thursday against several school and district officials, saying last week’s mass shooting on the Michigan campus was “entirely preventable.”

Jeffrey and Brandi Franz are suing on behalf of their daughters, Riley Franz, 17, and Bella Franz, 14, demanding more than $ 100 million in damages. The November 30 shooting left four students dead and seven injured. Riley was shot in the neck, the costume says, and the two girls suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawsuit names several Oxford high school officials, including principal Steven Wolf, two counselors and two teachers, as well as the Oxford Community School District and Superintendent Timothy Thorne. He alleges that Thorne and Wolf both ignored disturbing and threatening messages that the suspect, Ethan Crumbley, 15, made on social media, and that his behavior was not reported to the liaison officer for the school security. The officer was not at meetings school officials had with Crumbley and his parents, and Franz family attorney Geoffrey Fieger said Thursday he had “not heard from rational explanation from school administration as to why it was not used. “

Fieger added that “therefore, by doing what they did or did not do, they put the students in much greater danger than they would have been if they had done. The students would have been protected and that is essentially the essence of the federal complaint here.

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