Premiere of the album: Cirkeln – A Song to Sorrow

The solo black metal band based in Stockholm, Sweden Cirkeln began in 2019 with a self-titled three-song demo that felt like peering through a keyhole into a fantasy universe. With the 2020s Stormlander EP Cirkeln’s only player Våndarr has more than proven he can combine Bathory, Isengard and the early Running Wilds to immense and wonderful results, but even then amidst the excitement of sounding so fresh , you could feel something even more magnificent from the band lurking on the horizon. Then, later that year, Kingdoms no one remembersCirkeln’s debut album, upped the ante on that sound, while sprinkling in some 70s prog rock magic to the Urie Heep. Yet, it felt like something even bigger was waiting for us. . .

Now, two years later, the Stockholm Stormlander is back with A song for sorrow, his most ambitious and accomplished work to date. Sounding neither solitary nor resolute, Cirkeln’s second album spans a vast and epic expanse despite its relatively short playing time of just 44 minutes. For an album that is both atmospheric and cinematic, it also has no raw fat to speak of. This is an album truly worthy of your attention.

A song for sorrow

A song for sorrow is an ode to the war that every human must wage against their own psyche,” Våndarr writes. “The album is about my intimate and personal struggle to emerge from the abyss of my personal hell. Although dressed in fantasy fashion, the songs are a raw reflection of what I was going through at the time.

“Song-wise, this album was about me doing a lot of exploring to refine Cirkeln’s voice. Even though I already had two albums under my belt, I think I was looking for my influences even more than I did. ‘maybe trying to find my own sound. While this is an ongoing process for any musician, listening to what the album ended up being, I hear the stakes planted in the ground for this which will become Cirkeln in the future. And as I begin to plan what’s next, I think it’s an exciting prospect for me and for the listeners.

A song for sorrow out this Friday on pro-tape and 12″ vinyl from True cult records.

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