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Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband and businessman Ritesh Pandey has threatened to sue the actress for defamation because she “constantly blames me for things I didn’t do”. In a new interview, he said that Rakhi had impacted his business and he suffered losses as a result. Ritesh said Rakhi asked her for a $90,000 automobile, which he turned down, and then she started dating Adil Khan, who he said “bought her a used car”. He also denied any involvement in the hacking of Rakhi’s social media accounts.

“I haven’t hacked into any of his social media accounts,” Ritesh replied. “Her passwords have been shared with a few other people and her social media account has already been hacked. I was the one who helped her regain access to her account, and now the same thing has happened to her “one more time. And she’s blaming me for it this time. Hacking her accounts won’t get you anything. Do I even look like a hacker? he said.

“I didn’t want to say anything negative about her, but she constantly defames me and accuses me of things I didn’t do. I’m going to sue her for defamation. Things are now unpleasant, and it affects my business, and I have suffered losses because of her. So now it’s the right course of action for me,” he added.

Rakhi returned to Instagram on Sunday, a day after filing a lawsuit, and posted a photo with the words “I’m back” written against a black background. “Hello everyone, I’m back on Instagram,” she captioned. After all the nonsense that happened last night. Thanks a lot. Love love love.”

Rakhi Sawant Ritesh

Rakhi and Ritesh got married in 2019 and first appeared as VIP contestants on Bigg Boss 15 in 2019. Soon after, however, they broke up and filed for divorce.

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