SATAN’S FALL signs album deal with Steamhammer / SPV (January 7, 2022)

SATAN’S FALL signs album deal with Steamhammer / SPV
January 7, 2022

Helsinki, Finland-based heavy metal band Satan’s Fall signed an album deal with Steamhammer / SPV, revealing this development on January 7, 2022.

Satan’s Fall commented, “We are more than delighted to start working with such a legendary record company as SPV / Steamhammer. They understand what real heavy metal is, and it goes without saying that Satan’s Fall fits in perfectly. Steamhammer has released so many great records from our favorite artists – it’s a great honor to be a part of that legacy.

Guitarist Tomi Mäenpää added: “The next album will be a celebration of melodic heavy metal. It’s full of juicy guitar melodies and solos, tight riffs, catchy choruses and most of all; it is pure heavy metal. The group also experienced membership changes when Ville Aatsinki (drums) and Lassi Tiainen (guitar) dropped out last year. Satan’s Fall now presents new lead guitarist Ville Koskinen. We’re still looking for a regular drummer, but we have a great secure session drummer for the studio.

Olly Hahn, director of Steamhammer, said, “For me Satan’s Fall is one of the best new bands when it comes to real original metal. I’m more than happy the band decided to join the Steamhammer roster and I’m sure that with the next album all Metalheads will know the name!

The line-up of Satan’s Fall is as follows:

Miika Kokko (vocals)
Tomi Mäenpää (guitars)
Ville Koskinen (guitars)
Joni Petander (bass)

First studio record Last day was released in December 2018 via High Roller Records.

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