Senator Akpan has 48 hours to file response in YPP Guber case

Party member and gubernatorial candidate Alexander Asuquo sued Senator Akpan and Pastor Andy for political development within the party. Nigeria Information Guide

Asuquo had dragged Akpan to court to prevent him (Akpan) from inheriting the YPP governor’s ticket from the party chairman.

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The court, presided over by Judge AA Okeke, last Tuesday summoned Akpan, commonly known as OBA, and the state party president after asking them to be provided with surrogate service.

NBE duo Wigwe and Uchegbu had previously filed suits for the YPP, Pastor Andy and Senator Akpan, however, when the case came before Judge Okeke, the YPP gubernatorial candidate announced a change defense counsel while Ime Nya Asanga and Jerry Akpan appealed. to withdraw the earlier proceeding filed on behalf of Akpan. jamb results

The court ordered the YPP and the State President to file their amended proceedings within 48 hours and asked the plaintiff to respond within 24 hours of being notified of the new proceedings.

The court adjourned to August 30, 2022 for the hearing after ordering the service of a subpoena on Akpan and Andy, while a notice of hearing was ordered to be served on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC ) and YPP.

The attorney joins YPP, Andy, Akpan and INEC as defendants.

YPP had previously submitted to INEC the name of State Party President, Nyenime Andy, as a candidate for governor.

Plaintiff seeks judicial interpretation on issues relating to whether the Party State Chairman can validly use his position as Party Chairman to preserve and revoke the ticket of Party Governor to Senator Akpan (Third Defendant) who was already a contender on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform.

Speaking to reporters, the plaintiff: said, “In addition to challenging the legality of the President’s action, he wants the court to determine whether, after completing and submitting a nomination form in PDP, Akpan can be validly appointed by YPP having regard to the provisions of section 35 of the Elections Act 2022.

“I am not just a member, but a gubernatorial aspirant of the YPP, who was received into the party by Dr. Nyenime Andy himself.”

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