Sky Ferreira says new album ‘will actually be released’ in 2022

Sky Ferreira says her long-awaited second album is “actually released” in 2022 after more than half a decade of teasing.

The singer released her acclaimed debut album “Night Time, My Time” in 2013 and quickly promised her follow-up, which would be called “Masochism.”

Ferreira hasn’t released any of his own music since 2019’s “Downhill Lullaby”, which at the time of its release was his first solo music in six years. This would be the first track from her second album, first announced in 2015.

Since the release of ‘Downhill Lullaby’, however, no new music has materialized, with fans still awaiting the second album.

Stereo eraser included Ferreira’s second album as part of their list of the 101 Most Anticipated Albums of 2022 this week, which the singer captured on her Instagram account, apparently confirming that it will finally be released next year.

“Top 5 most anticipated albums of 2022,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories, sharing a photo of the room. “It happens every year, but it’s actually coming out this time around,” she added.

See the post below.

Credit: @ skyferreira / Instagram.

Last month, the wait for the new album looked like it could finally be over as the singer-songwriter announced the arrival of new music.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the eighth anniversary of “Night Time, My Time,” Ferreira took the opportunity to also let fans know that a release date has been confirmed for new music.

“NEW MUSIC RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED. let’s just say… uh… ~ he goes in like a lion and comes out like a lamb ~ ”she wrote, an idiom that refers to the month of March and the changing weather, meaning that Ferreira is probably planning to return with new music in March 2022.

Review of the comeback single “Downhill Lullaby” when it was released in 2019, NME wrote: “Six years of preparation, and delayed by various disputes and disagreements – not to mention a meticulous creative process that does not bend to the vagaries of the weather – Sky Ferreira’s second album, ‘Masochism’, took a long time. to arrive.

“This first taste of the LA artist’s next chapter – and make no mistake, ‘Downhill Lullaby’ sounds like the start of an ambitious new era – doesn’t disappoint either.”

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