Sparks confirms new album is on the way

The Sparks brothers have been busy boys lately. Not only are they celebrating 50 years in the industry with Edgar Wright’s documentary, The Sparks Brothers, but they also released their first cinematic music, Annette.

When we caught up with them about the musical making its way onto MUBI, they confirmed that there was a lot more to their creative minds sui generis on the way.

Speaking of how Wright’s documentary broadened their horizons, Russell Mael said: a really good way.

Exploring how the internet can be a positive tool for older bands, he added, “With the value of the internet, you can be bombarded with 25 of our albums all at once if you want to research, so there There has been a change in the audience where a lot of young people are aware of what we have been doing and we are really touched by that.

When discussing the best place to start for new fans, Russell took the turn of Alan Partridge a bit, saying, “Stylistically, there have been so many changes that [for new fans] I always get a Best Of or something. So you can hear more different phases and then focus on the specific albums. ”

Adding: “There are those we really love but for different reasons, Kimono My House, N ° 1 in paradise was such a drastic change, the little Beethoven was another unique album that we really love so it’s really hard to point people in one direction. To betray my own opinion, as a huge Sparks fan, I would suggest Hippopotamus could be a crack entry point.

However, with all of that said, you may be able to start with a new roadmap as the brothers revealed new things are on the way. The good-looking added, “Something that we’re proud of and keep trying to do, and we’re doing it now.” we’re on the right track for a new Sparks album and to have an album that, if someone just hears the new album you’re doing as an entry into Sparks, then hopefully will represent and sum everything up. There’s something to hear and know about Sparks and it doesn’t sound like it’s from a band. has a 25 year history.

Unfortunately, however, while on track the registration process is not at the stage where they can disclose more details at this time, but expect more news in the coming weeks. .

The entire interview about their new film, Annette, will be available later today.

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