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Fans of the ska-punk band The switches should be well aware of the band’s busy summer schedule by now. A few weeks ago they embarked on a summer tour with Flogging Molly, taking them across North America until July 3rd. Alongside the tour, the band is preparing for the release of their next album, In naturewhich comes out August 5th. They released their first single, “In the mirorin April and followed up the release last month with “Anything Was Better”. Continuing that rollout, The Interrupters bring us the album’s third single, “Jailbird.”

A bold and feisty release with eloquent lyrics, “Jailbird” addresses Aimee Interrupter’s mental health issues. As she gives us personal lines like “My heart is racing but I look like a zombie” and “I bite my nails until they bleed,” she does so in a candid way, openly expressing these intimate thoughts through her catchy voice. She sums up these feelings in the anthemic chorus, singing “It sounds like a jailbird! You can check it out below.

To tell us more about the single, Aimee shares,

“This song is about feeling like a prisoner in my own mind. I faced a life of severe anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, trichotillomania and panic attacks. This song is about how cycles can repeat themselves. Fortunately, shouting these lyrics at the top of my lungs relieves me of the very hell that I am singing.

You can listen to “Jailbird” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Pre-order In nature here.

Catch The Interrupters on tour here.

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