The Ipcress File: viewers complain about the first episode

Nicky Morris

TVIthe new spy drama, The Ipcress foldermade its highly anticipated debut on Sunday night, and viewers took to Twitter to make the same complaint about the first episode.

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The series, which is a reboot of the 1965 spy film, follows working-class Sergeant Harry Palmer, who becomes a spy in order to avoid an eight-year stint in a military prison.

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Viewers who tuned in to watch the first episode were distracted by the style of camera angles used in the drama. One person took to Twitter writing: “The Dutch angle is a good stylistic choice, but overuse is starting to get painful‘, while another added: ‘Enough Dutch angles already! Once in a while for emphasis is fine, but not every time.”

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A third person commented: “Love the look and style of #ipcressfile although maybe just a bit too much of a Dutch angle, although I understand why they shot a lot this way and they captured the time frame very well”, while another defended the use of camera shots: “Regarding camera angles Dutch, the team pays tribute to the cameraman who shot the film, Otto Heller. He used an over the shoulder technique.”


Viewers were distracted by the use of the Dutch camera angle

Viewers also seemed split over the casting choice of Joe Cole, who stars as Harry Palmer – a role first made famous by Michael Caine in the 1960s.

Some fans of the original film felt that Joe was too young to play the character, despite being the same age as Michael when he shot the film. One person tweeted: “I’m not sure of the casting. Joe Cole looks too young for Harry Palmer.”

Another viewer felt that Joe didn’t live up to Michael’s portrayal of the character, writing, “I love the movie, and it’s better than I expected. Joe Cole is not not Michael Caine though. He doesn’t have the swagger or the charisma.”


Viewers were divided over the casting of Joe Cole

However, many viewers also took to Twitter to praise the actor’s compelling performance, with one person commenting, “I’m giving him a thumbs up. Joe Cole achieved that cheeky chappy vibe‘, while another added: ‘Joe Cole is a fantastic lead. “

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