The trailer for new spy thriller The Ipcress File is here – and it looks really good

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Peaky Blinders star Joe Cole, as well as Hollywood stars Lucy Boyton and Tom Hollander, is set to star in a new ITV and AMC spy thriller, and it sounds really good!

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Based on Len Deighton’s bestselling novel of the same name, The Ipcress folder tells the fascinating story of a criminal who is lucky enough to become a spy instead of facing a prison sentence. Hopefully the new series hits screens later this year and if the trailer is anything, it looks like viewers will be on the edge of their seats. Check it out below…

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WATCH: The trailer for the new spy thriller The Ipcress folder is here

As the ITV synopsis puts it: “In this newly segregated town, a sharp young worker with sophisticated tastes can make big money. Wholesaler, retailer, repairer, smuggler, Harry’s varied interests bring him into contact with everything and everyone. – until the law catches up and everything stops.

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“Harry finds himself sentenced to eight years in a grim military prison in England, all his prospects abruptly snatched away. But his impressive network and efficiency have not gone unnoticed, and a gentleman in British intelligence has a proposition. To avoid prison, Harry Palmer will become a spy.”


The series will follow spy Harry Palmer, played by Joe Cole

Joe will take on the lead role, while Bohemian Rhapsody actress Lucy plays her assistant, Jean Courtney, and BAFTA-winning actor Tom plays Major Dalby, who leads the counterintelligence unit. Other cast members include Ashley Thomas, Joshua James, David Dencik and avengers starring Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.


Tom Hollander will play Major Dalby who leads the counterintelligence unit

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The one-off series will consist of six episodes, although ITV Studios chief executive Ruth Berry has previously teased that the show “has the potential to run and run” given that The Ipcress folder is the first of seven spy novels.

It’s not yet known when the series will hit screens, though it seems likely that viewers will see it in the next few months.

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