Tom Chaplin – Midpoint – Retro Pop

Released: September 2

Tom Chaplin documents his personal journey through the trials and tribulations of two turbulent years on his latest solo album “Midpoint.”

Born on the back of Keane’s 2019 ‘Cause and Effect’ tour, which was derailed due to the pandemic, the deeply personal set sees Tom reflect on the state of the world and his place in the midst of the chaos surrounding him, for his most introspective body to work yet.

Recorded over a six-week period at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Bath and Paul Epworth’s The Church in North London, the collection draws on the warmth of his 2016 solo debut “The Wave” while leaving the singer-songwriter exhibited in a sparse instrument that places his distinct and passionate voice center stage.

“I was like, ‘Wow, these are bare bones compared to what I’m used to,'” Tom admits of his new music. “And I found that scary because with Keane’s records there are so many layers to thicken things up to fill in the spaces. But it’s a sparse record.

What the album lacks in studio trickery, it makes up for in substance, with pre-release singles Environment and Gravitational best exemplifying the range of tracks on offer: brooding ballads steeped in mid-tempo, easy-listening moments.

Opener Everything collapses kicks off with a jazz-influenced piano solo, the piano ballad being just one example of Tom’s flawless and exceptional vocal range that shines throughout his latest offering.

Scattered among the whole are moments of brilliance; Star alignment is one of the strongest recordings on offer that sees it ‘take back the moment’while the layered keys and choral voices on It’s finish lift the track immeasurably.

It’s heavy listening and comes full circle Exceedthe final piano ballad that sees him seek out the positive in every situation life throws at him – and perhaps “Midpoint” is a documentation of his journey to achieve that realization.

“There’s room for something nuanced that explores a part of life that everyone goes through,” Tom reflects. “If I can get some of that across and it can resonate with something people are feeling in their lives – well, I’d be more than happy to.”

Fans of Keane and even Tom’s previous albums, beware – ‘Midpoint’ is a whole different beast. But in each of the tracks is a part of the musician who, having reached his own midpoint, strips bare on a sensational set that could well be his masterpiece.

‘Midpoint’ is now available.

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