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If you’ve ever tried to publicize a Junior Optimist International Club event, you know it can be hit or miss. It is important to show the good work your Club is doing, but sometimes you receive publicity and sometimes you don’t. The important thing is to keep trying! And as a Junior Optimist International Member, you know never to give up – the hard work will eventually pay off!

A Few Reasons to Keep Publicizing
  • By letting the media know the kind of work your Club does, you can let your community actually see how overall Junior Optimist International goals are translated into action.

  • Through repeated listings in community calendars and post-event photos of Club activities, your Club can increase its local profile, which can lead to stronger local support.

  • Finally, don’t forget that marketing efforts can also benefit your Club internally. Nothing inspires a Junior Optimist International Member more than to hear friends and classmates talking about the latest Junior Optimist International activity. Think how your Club Members would react if they were recognized for putting together a successful event!
A Few Ways to Get Your Club’s Name Out in the Community
Marketing goes far beyond the media. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways to get your Junior Optimist International Club noticed.
    Newspapers – The best way to secure media coverage is through press releases to your local newspapers. And of course don’t forget about trying to get into your school newspaper or newsletter, too!

    Radio PSAs – Junior Optimist International has two public service announcements (PSAs) available that you can give to local radio stations. These PSAs cover general information about what Junior Optimist International Clubs do.

    School Announcements – Research how to get your Club’s projects included on school announcements for the entire student body to hear.

    Community Events – Participate in local parades, fairs, sports tournaments and holiday celebrations. Wear your Junior Optimist International pin, display your banner and give handouts at a booth.

    Official Proclamations – Local, state and even federal officials will many times issue a proclamation for a special event or anniversary – for example, see if you can get local officials to declare February as Junior Optimist International Reading Month!

    Club Business Cards – Print up special Junior Optimist International Club business cards with your meeting time and place, and a contact name and number. Distribute them to friends and classmates.

Radio Public Service Announcements

Use the Junior Optimist International radio public service announcements (PSAs) to market your Junior Optimist International Club. These professionally produced spot announcements talk about what Junior Optimist International Clubs do for the community.

You can listen to the PSAs by clicking on one of the links below, and you can even download the spots in the MP3 format that allows you to e-mail them to a radio station.

By taking the PSAs to local stations you'll have an opportunity to speak directly with the person who might be able to provide you with even more publicity and marketing opportunities in the future.

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Junior Optimist International Logos
Official Junior Optimist International logos are available for download in both high-resolution and low-resolution formats. If you need a logo in vector (.eps) format, please send an e-mail to graphics@optimist.org.